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Career Exploration

The following experiential methods can help determine the types of positions to explore in the actual job development process. The connections that the One-Stop system has with the employer community should make it relatively simple to arrange those activities that involve direct employer contact. The One-Stop system will find these methods useful not only for customers with disabilities, but for all job seekers. In fact, many local One-Stop systems may already have many of these and similar services available to assist job seekers.

  • Informational Interviewing: Informational interviewing involves meeting with an employer, not for a job interview, but simply to gather information about the business. It is a wonderful way to increase job seekers knowledge of a field; it also provides the opportunity to gain experience interacting with employers without the pressure of a hiring decision.
  • Job Tours: Similar to informational interviewing, touring various businesses exposes the job seeker and One-Stop staff to a variety of jobs and work environments.
  • Job Shadowing: Job shadowing involves spending time observing an individual as he/she performs a job. This can last for an hour, an entire work day, or a series of days, depending on the nature of the job and the level of interest of the job seeker.
  • Volunteer Work: Doing volunteer work can be a helpful step for some individuals and for certain fields. For example, many people enter the human service and radio/television production fields through volunteer work and internships. Certain cautions apply:
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