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Career Exploration

In no way is this list exhaustive. Add your own ideas!

  • Types of jobs and businesses that are of interest
  • Geographic area for job search
  • Minimal salary and benefit requirements
  • Number of hours of work per day/week
  • Time of day and week requirements (mornings, evenings, overnights, weekends, holidays)
  • Access to public transit
  • Connection with seekers past education and training
  • Personal attributes of job seeker that could be an asset within a job setting (e.g., friendly, helpful, neat, attention to detail, quiet)
  • Formality or informality of workplace
  • Amount of supervision desired/required
  • Level of interaction with co-workers and supervisors
  • Camaraderie and sociability of employees
  • Level of worker autonomy
  • Repetitiveness of tasks
  • Variety of tasks
  • Flexibility and opportunity for changes in routine
  • Availability of training
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Stamina and endurance requirements
  • Mobility requirements (i.e., need to move around in an area or within a work facility)
  • Communication requirements
  • Production rate/speed requirements
  • Strength: lifting and carrying
  • Manual dexterity
  • Reading requirements
  • Mathematics/counting
  • Level of independence required
  • Customer contact
  • Dress requirements
  • Need to work independently
  • Complexity of tasks
  • Amount of self-initiative required
  • Need/ability to tell time and time awareness
  • Stress and pressure of position
  • Need to ask for assistance
  • Area orientation requirements (small work area, large work area, entire building, several buildings, etc.)
  • Environment: noise, temperature, indoors/outdoors

Based in part on material from:
Hoff, D., Gandolfo, C., Gold, M., Jordan, M., (2000). Demystifying Job Development, TRN, St. Augustine, FL. Web site:; e-mail:; voice: (800) 280-7010

Written by:

Institute for Community Inclusion

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