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5 Perry St, Suite 100 & 225 North Main Street, Suite 6


5 Perry St, Suite 100, 05641      Fax:479-4411

District Manager, Alissa King, 380-7278, [email protected]

Erica DaCosta, Employment Consultant, 857-8827, [email protected]

Jacqueline Rogers, Employment Specialist, 871-0179, [email protected]

Rosa Buzzi, Social Security Specialist, 404-6411, r[email protected]


Youth Employment Specialist Manager, Emma Page, 782-6559, [email protected]

Megan Pollander, Youth Employment Specialist, 305-0663, [email protected]

Shayna Chaloux, Youth Employment Specialist, 917-1660, [email protected]



5 Perry St, Suite 150, 05641

Reach Up Manager, Allison O’Neil, 324-2818, [email protected]

Kelly Sweet, Career Coach, Reach Up, 343-7598, [email protected]


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