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110  Cherry St. Suite 2-1, 05401      Fax:863-7515

Nicole Clements, Business Account Manager, Phone 343-9892

Brit Davies-Hallock, Youth Employment Specialist, Office: 651-1877, Cell: 825-4752

Kathy Johnson, Employment Consultant, Phone 651-1676

Heather Berg, Employment Consultant, DBVI, Phone: 657-4238,

Aggie Osiecki, Social Security Specialist, Phone:  652-0378,

Gina Abbiati, Employment Consultant,

119 Pearl St Burlington Vt 05401

Mary Paquette, Employment Consultant, RU. Cell: 825-3183,

Harriet Williams, Employment Consultant, RU. Cell: 825-3180,




110 Cherry St. Suite 2-1 Burlington VT 05401

Angie Bergeron, EAP, 657-4243,

Gen Burnell-Habeck, EAP, 863-7502,

Dawn Holbrook, EAP, 863-7500

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