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VABIR is the Vermont Association of Business, Industry and Rehabilitation, a statewide private non-profit agency working to assist Vermonters, who face barriers to employment, in finding gainful employment. Since its inception in 1979, VABIR has been Vermont’s liaison between private sector employment and skilled workers with disabilities and other life barriers. As our success and expertise have grown, so too have our relationships with other organizations and professionals who share our goal to assure meaningful, appropriate employment for all members of our community.

Our mission is to provide pragmatic, real-world information to both employers and job-seekers. By providing work experiences, on the job training opportunities (OJT), temp to hire and other resources, we are able to find the most qualified applicants for employers risk free.

There are many reasons why individuals are unemployed or underemployed, whether it is because of a disability or other life barrier, our goal is to find a successful job match for each person that wants to work, one job at a time.

Employers naturally want the most qualified applicants to fill their positions; our role is to help them find those employees.

Some ways we can help make those matches are (but not limited to)

  • VABIR will provide education and awareness of issues involved in working with individuals who have disabilities.
  • VABIR will arrange free accessibility surveys for businesses and consumers.
  • VABIR offers job assessment for accommodations which will assist employees in performing their job.
  • VABIR will help employers strategize ways to retain employees who become disabled while in their employ.
  • VABIR will consult with you or any employer on job descriptions, interview techniques, and other employment areas in which disability issues arise.
  • Help you realize many generous tax benefits, and work opportunity tax credits (WOTC) .
  • Identify incentives and programs that reduce your risk when trying job candidates


For more information on VABIR and the services we can provide to both clients and employers, please call us in our corporate office at 800-639-2909, or you can contact your local VABIR Employment representative.

VABIR is also a proud partnew of HireAbility Vermont