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Addison County CWS Community Partner Award

Addison County CWS Community Partner Award
TJ Maxx, July 13, 2017

Creative Workforce Solutions recognized Eileen Newton and Jim Barbari, managers of TJ Maxx in Middlebury, for their long-standing support of employment programs in Addison County. Eileen and Jim have provided job shadows, work experiences and employment opportunities for individuals participating in a variety of programs under the CWS initiative. They have incorporated the use of support staff including job coaches and interpreters to assist individuals in the workplace, as well as assistive technology to facilitate communication.

In addition to Eileen’s and Jim’s ongoing support, this past year CWS was planning a retail/customer service training in conjunction with Hannaford Career Center. When the designated instructor was unable to do the class, Jim gladly stepped in with short notice and developed lesson plans for the six-session training and taught the classes! He did a great job making the classes both instructive and fun. Jim brought the class to the store for a tour, an introduction to cash register operation and to observe staff and provide feedback based on their observations. He also set up a practice interview for each of the students.

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