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Addison County CWS Community Partner Award

Addison County CWS Community Partner Award
RetroWorks March 22, 2017

Creative Workforce Solutions recognized Penny Thompson, manager of RetroWorks in Middlebury, for her many years of providing support and guidance to participants in a variety of programs across the Creative Workforce Solutions initiative.

Penny has supported many jobseekers in developing both soft skills and retail and warehouse related skills through work experiences. RetroWorks has also been a Community Service Placement site for the Reach Up Program for many years. A number of jobseekers have had the opportunity for paid employment in either the store or the warehouse.

Penny has provided valuable feedback to participants and staff that has helped people develop skills needed in the workplace. Penny has always demonstrated respect for each participant, while providing necessary and useful comments with the goal of helping each person achieve workplace success.

It’s a testament to Penny’s contributions that this event was attended by approximately 40 members of the community, including RetroWorks employees and staff representing various CWS partner organizations.


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