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Disability Mentoring Day™

Save The Date: WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 15, 2008 – Disability Mentoring Day™ is a large-scale, broad-based effort designed to promote career development for students and other job seekers with disabilities (mentees) through hands-on career exploration, job shadowing, and internship or employment opportunities, and matching of mentee/mentor relationships. Disability Mentoring Day: Career Development for the 21st Century, […]

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Tilting at Windmills: Changing Attitudes Toward People with Disabilities

Negative attitudes toward employees with disabilities can result in discrimination (Scope, 2003, Shapiro, 1994). Companies, agencies, and organizations are composed of individuals with their own attitudes and beliefs about people with disabilities. Co-workers will draw conclusions regarding the people with whom they work. Supervisors and management staff will make decisions that affect employees. The individual […]

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Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): A Guide for Employers

Each year, thousands of military personnel stationed around the world leave active duty and seek to return to jobs they held before entering the service or look to find their first, or new, civilian jobs. According to government statistics, between October 2001 and February, 2008, more than 30,000(1) veterans returned home with service-connected disabilities (e.g., […]

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