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5 Perry St, Suite 100 & 225 North Main Street, Suite 6


5 Perry St, Suite 100, 05641      Fax:479-4411


District Manager (West): Karin Thomas Program Manager C: 343-8093 [email protected]

Jennifer Barrett, Employment Consultant Supervisor, Phone O:404-6409,   [email protected]

Samantha Duprey, Social Security Specialist,C:373-3738 , [email protected] 

Shayna Chaloux, Youth Employment Specialist, 917-1660, [email protected]

Zachary Johnston, Youth Employment Specialist, 404-7847, z[email protected]

Amanda Bumps, Employment Consultant, Reach Up, 857-8624, [email protected]

Jacqueline Rogers, Employment Specialist, 871-0179, [email protected]

Lee Reilly, Employment Consultant, 430-8487, [email protected]


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