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28 Vernon Road Suite. 400, Brattleboro 05301      Fax 257-2841

District Manager (East) :Karin Thomas,  343-8093, [email protected]

Josh Hallock,  Sr. Youth Employment Specialist, 379-4897, [email protected]

Alyssa King, Employment Consultant, 380-7278 ,  [email protected]

Krissy Kayser, Employment Consultant, 404-6414, [email protected]

Tiffany Keith, Social Security Soecialist, 379-3525, [email protected]

Collier Shutter, Business Account Manager, 430-4380, [email protected]

Melissa Moore, Employment Consultant DHOH, 373-3738, [email protected]

Amy Davis, Employment Consultant, 857-8914, [email protected]

Esther Behling, Youth Employment Specialist, 793-9986, [email protected]

Caitlin Stearns, Employment Consultant, 404-6189, [email protected]

Rebecca Holmes, Employment Consultant, Reach up, 871-0734, [email protected]



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