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110  Cherry St. Suite 2-1, 05401      Fax:863-7515


District Manager (West): Nancy Bernier, [email protected] , C: 343-4944

Ray McKenzie, Employment Consultant, 404-6395, [email protected] 

Andrew Kranichfeld, DBVI EC,  ,  [email protected]

Kaitlyn Eddy, Youth Employment Specialist, 857-8623, k[email protected]

Jeffery Corbett, Youth Employment Specialist, 793-2590, [email protected]

Krista Ley, Employment Consultant, 356-1233, [email protected]

Vanessa Thomas, Recovery EC, 871-0187, [email protected]

Chantel Nolan, Employment Consultant, 857-8837, [email protected]

Matt Krickus, Youth Employment Specialist, 871-0294, [email protected]


119 Pearl St Burlington Vt 05401

Mary Paquette, Employment Consultant, RU. Cell: 825-3183,[email protected]

Aggie Osiecki, Social Security Specialist, Phone: 495-8805, [email protected]


Mount Mansfield Union High School (MMU)

211 Browns Trace Road, Jericho, VT 05465

Liz Barsuhn, Youth Employment Specialist, 343-7598, [email protected]



110 Cherry St. Suite 2-1 Burlington VT 05401

Angie Bergeron, EAP Account Manager, 657-4243, [email protected]

Gen Habeck, EAP Education & Outreach, 863-7502, [email protected]

Dawn Holbrook, EAP Operations Manager, 863-7237, [email protected]

Steve Dickens, EAP, [email protected]

Kevin Channell, EAP, [email protected]

April Lajeunesse, EAP, [email protected]

Andrea Grayson, EAP, [email protected]

Myra Handy, EAP Clinical Coordinator, 951-5156 [email protected] ,Part Time

Kate Woods, EAP, [email protected]

Emma Henderson, EAP, [email protected]

Eva Griffin, EAP  , [email protected]

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