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100 Main Street, Suite 120, 05855 Fax 334-3360


District Manager (East) :Linda Gochie, 535-8223, [email protected]

Kelly Gonter, Employment Consultant, Phone 673-4885,  [email protected]

Neil Morrissette , Business Account manager, Phone 343-4770, [email protected]

Jennifer Cote, Youth Employment Specialist, cell phone: 673-4774 ,[email protected]

Maghen Cote, Social Security Specialist, 404-6408, [email protected] 

Melanie Skalak, Employment Consultant, 782-3172, [email protected]

Brittany Berry, Youth Employment Specialist/Employment Consultant, , [email protected]

Brooke Gentley-Quiles, Employment Consultant, 404-6413, b[email protected]

Stacey Gosselin, Employment Consultant, 857-8622, [email protected]

Morgan Sanville, Employment Consultant, 430-8487, m[email protected]

Jayson Sargent, Employment Consultant, 857-8624, [email protected]



Lake Region Union High School, 317 Lake Region Road, Orleans, VT 05860

Chris Baker, Youth Employment Specialist, 871-2276, [email protected]



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