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190 Asa Bloomer Building, Rutland VT 05701     Fax 786-5078

District Manager (West): Nancy Bernier, [email protected] , C: 343-4944

Savannah Watson, Employment Consultant, 673-4360, [email protected]

Samantha Abatiell, Employment Consultant, 305-0075, [email protected]

Michelle Sherwin, Employment Consultant, 404-6404, [email protected]

Luke Dailey, Employment Consultant, 279-2517,  [email protected]

Lynn Hughes, Employment Consultant, Phone 404-6402 , [email protected]

Jennifer Bessette, Employment Consultant,404-6403,  [email protected]


Youth Employment Specialist Manager (West) Emma Page, [email protected], 324-2818

Matthew Harte, Youth Employment Specialist, 871-0463, [email protected]

Hillary Wolfe, Youth Employment Specialist, 404-7848, [email protected]

Caitlin Cassidy, Youth Employment Specialist, 393-7750, [email protected]


320 Asa Bloomer Building, Rutland VT 05701   

Reach Up Manager  Allison O’Neil, [email protected], 782-6559

Merry Laird, Career Coach, 343-9892, [email protected]

Karen Shum, Career Coach, 871-2283, [email protected]

Marie Zukowski, Social Security Specialist, Phone: 353-7155 [email protected]


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