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St. Johnsbury


1016 US Route 5, Suite 4, 05819     Fax 751-3292


District Manager (East) :Linda Gochie, 535-8223, [email protected]

Jen Pal, Employment Consultant,404-6392, [email protected]

Todd Gratton, Business Account Manager, 424-6910, [email protected]

Robert Moses, Sr. Employment Consultant, 745-8625, [email protected] 

Nick Marandola, Youth Employmet Specialist, , [email protected]

Maghen Cote, Social Security Specialist, 404-6408, [email protected] 

Robert Olson, Employment Consultant, 289-4266, [email protected]

Emily Clymer. Employment Consultant, 857-8602. [email protected]

Amanda Gochie, Employment Consultant/ Youth Employment Consultany, 857-8408, [email protected]


Economic Services Suite 3

Gladys Chambers, Employment Consultant, Reach Up, 430-3785, [email protected]

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