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SRC Glossary of Rehabilitation Terms & Acronyms (26 – C)

26 = status designation for a successful closure in VR.

504 = Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act protects various civil rights of people with disabilities. [ARCDallas]

AA = Alcoholics Anonymous [Snelling Center]

AAA (sometimes referred to as “triple-A”) = Area Agency on Aging [DAIL]

AABD = Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled [Snelling Center]

AARP = American Association of Retired People [Snelling Center]

AB = Aid to the Blind [Snelling Center]

ABL = Adaptive Behavior Level. [ARCDallas]

ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act, 1991: Provides civil rights protection to people with disabilities and guarantees those covered by the law equal opportunity in employment, state and local government services, transportation, places of public accommodation, and telecommunications services. [NSIP]

ADAP = Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs – Part of the Vermont Department of Health. [ADAP’s] mission is to help Vermonters prevent and eliminate the problems caused by alcohol and other drug use…. [SOV]

ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder – Attention Deficit Disorder; once simply labeled “hyperactivity” or “hyperactive.” A neurobehavioral disorder that affects 3 to 5 percent of all American children. It interferes with a person’s ability to sustain attention or focus on a task and some patients may be unable to control impulsive behavior.One variant seen is “ADHD” – Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder [ARCDallas]

ADHD = Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (cf. ADD). A neurobiological disorder. Symptoms include hyperactivity, distractibility, impulsiveness, developmentally-inappropriate behavior and appear in early childhood, typically before seven years of age and usually lasting at least six months. [ARCDallas] Developmentally inappropriate behavior, including poor attention skills, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. A person can be predominantly inattentive (often referred to as ADD), predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, or a combination of these two. [LD Online]

ADL = Activities of daily living – “ means self-care activities such as toileting, bathing, dressing, eating, and mobility.” [DVR Manual]

ADM = Average Daily Membership [VCDR]

AFDC = Aid to Families with Dependent Children; former name for TANF (see below). [Snelling Center]

AHS = Vermont Agency of Human Services [VCDR]

ALS = Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) = More commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS is a progressive neuromuscular disease that causes degeneration of the motor neurons, nerve cells that control the movement of voluntary muscles. Motor neurons extend from the brain to the spinal cord (the upper motor neuron) and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body (the lower motor neurons). The disease causes the motor neurons to degenerate and eventually die. As they die, the corresponding muscles are paralyzed. [IDC]

AMI-VT = Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Vermont [Snelling Center]

APSE (sometimes pronounced “AP-see”) = Association for Persons in Supported Employment [Snelling Center]

ARD = Annual Review or Dismissal: Parent/teacher meeting for all students in Special Education. Can be called by school or family to discuss plans for the student. [ARCDallas]

AS = Asperger’s Syndrome –A developmental disorder that effects a persons ability to understand other people and socially interact with them. People with AS, while having trouble making eye contact, are unable to read and respond to social cues and body language. Persons with AS tend to repeat certain phrases or words repeatedly. Symptoms of the syndrome can include: clumsiness or lack of coordination, extreme self-absorption, limited interests, unusual preoccupations, ritual or repetitive routines, speech and language peculiarities and non-verbal communication difficulties. AS is a Spectrum Disorder which means that symptoms range greatly. [ARCDallas]

ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) = This refers to a range of neurological disorders that most markedly involve some degree of difficulty with communication and interpersonal relationships as well as obsessions and repetitive behaviors. As the term “spectrum” indicates, there can be a wide range of effects. Those at the lower-functioning end of the spectrum may be profoundly unable to break out of their own world and may be described as having Kanner’s Autism. Those at the higher-functioning end, sometimes diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, may be able to lead independent lives but still be awkward in their social interactions. []

AT = Assistive or adaptive technology – Equipment or systems developed to provide solutions to problems confronting people with disabilities. These solutions can be high-tech or low-tech. By developing new products or re-engineering current ones, rehabilitation technologists can assist a person with a physical, mental or sensory impairment to function independently at home or on the job. [ORSC]

AWP = average wholesale price (of drugs).

BISHCA = Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration, Vermont Department of (BISHCA) = BISHCA touches most Vermonters in some fashion, through its regulation and monitoring of a broad spectrum of financial and health industry activities. Regulated entities/areas include, for example: banks, licensed lenders, credit unions, insurance companies and their products, agents, securities firms, broker/dealers and investment advisors, HMO’s and hospital finances. [SOV]

CAP = Client Assistance Program (CAP) – part of [Vermont Legal Aid] that provides advocacy, information and referral services to applicants and consumers of [DVR] services. CAP helps individuals obtain information concerning the [DVR] system and assists with problems that arise between counselors and consumers. CAP involvement occurs only when the consumer, counselor or other individual requests its assistance. [ORSC]

CARC = Champlain Association for Retarded Citizens [Snelling Center]

CBO = Congressional Budget Office [Snelling Center]

CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [Snelling Center]

CDD = Child Development Division – [The CDD] is the state agency charged with improving the well being of Vermont’s children by ensuring safe, accessible and quality services are available for every child. Its responsibilities include child care, prevention and early intervention, food and nutrition, and communities and partnerships. [SOV]

CfC = Choices for Care Long-term Care Waiver [VCDR]

CFIDS = Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome – Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, or CFIDS, is a debilitating disorder characterized by profound tiredness or fatigue. Patients with CFIDS may become exhausted with only light physical exertion. In addition, patients generally report various nonspecific symptoms, including weakness, muscle aches and pains, excessive sleep, malaise, fever, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, impaired memory and/or concentration, insomnia, and depression. CFIDS can persist for years. []

CFR = Code of Federal Regulations [Snelling Center]

CHAMPUS = Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services [Snelling Center]

CHAMPVA = Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration [Snelling Center]

CILS = Centers for Independent Living – Community based, consumer controlled, not-for-profit centers governed by a board of directors of whom at least 51% are people with disabilities. Services provided include: peer counseling, information and referral, independent living skills training, and advocacy. [NSIP]

CMS = Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. [Snelling Center]

COBRA = Comprehensive Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1986 [Snelling Center]

CP = Cerebral Palsy (CP) = A general term for a group of permanent brain injuries that affect an infant in the womb, during birth, or in the months following birth. People with cerebral palsy may have limited motor skills, speech difficulties, learning disabilities, or other related conditions. [IDC]

CPI = Consumer Price Index [Snelling Center]

CPS = Child Protective Services [Snelling Center]

CRC = Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, a certification offered nationally by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.

CRP = Community Rehabilitation Program

CRT = Community Rehabilitation and Treatment Program [VCDR] Community rehabilitation and treatment for severely and persistently mentally ill [persons]. [Snelling Center]

CSAVR = Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation

CSP = coordinated service plan; community support program [Snelling Center]

CVCAC = Central Vermont Community Action Council [Snelling Center]

CVH / CVMC = Central Vermont Hospital / Central Vermont Medical Center [Snelling Center]

CVS = Champlain Vocational Services [Snelling Center]

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