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Lamoille Valley (Morrisville) BAC

Pamela Ankuda: Vermont Technical College, 728-1538, [email protected]

Steve Bousquet: Lamoille Area Chamber of Commerce, 888-7607, [email protected]

Brenda Comstock: Central VT Chamber of Commerce, 229-5711, [email protected]

Rossie Conklin: State of Vermont, Human Resources, 828-1509, [email protected]

Jeff Cosslett: Union Bank, 888-6600, [email protected]

Danielle Dahline: CCV-Morriville, 888-4258, [email protected]

Jane Delaricheliere: Stoweflake Resort, 253-7355, [email protected]

Beth Diederich: Triad Temporary Services, 864-8255, [email protected]

Kelli Eckroth: Hearthstone, 888-5232, [email protected]

Vicki Emerson: Copley Professional Services Group, 888-7589, [email protected]

Alvaro Lascorz: Hearthstone Production Manager, [email protected]

Christine McCarthy: VABIR, 878-1107, [email protected]

Christy Patt: Stowe Area Association, 253-7321, [email protected]

Donna Russo: Vermont State Employees Credit Union, 371-5187, [email protected]

Arlene Shorten-Goodrich: VT State Housing Authority, 828-2375, [email protected]

Stacy Starkweather: Peoples Academy, 888-4600, [email protected]

April Tuck: Copley Hospital, 888-8888, [email protected]

John Wills: Hannafords, 888-9848, [email protected]

Nancy Zorn: Green Mountain United Way, 229-9532, [email protected]

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