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Job Hunting with VABIR

Working with your VABIR Employment Representative is creating a link with the “real” world of business. You have determined that you are ready for work! Here are some questions and answers to explain how your VABIR Employment Rep will work with you in your job search.

Question: How is VABIR different from other agencies?

Answer: VABIR is an independent not-for-profit agency. While you are working with your VABIR Employment Rep, you continue to have other agencies and individuals to assist you with problems and questions. Your VABIR Representative is working with you on your job search; we will team with any other organizations providing support to you, as you request.

Question: How does VABIR help me find a job?

A good point to focus on is that VABIR helps you. You have the final responsibility. You will probably attend a “For Hire” workshop. This program will bring you quickly to the point where a VABIR Employment Rep will be able to step in and help. A VABIR Rep will also help in a variety of ways, depending upon what you need:

  • Work with you on your resume, reference list, cover letters.
  • Practice your interviewing skills.
  • Arrange practice interviews.
  • Help you develop action plans.
  • Arrange informational interviews to learn about a job or company.
  • Check your references.
  • Suggest ways to conduct your job search.
  • Answer your questions about job hunting.
  • Offer a Network meeting of job hunting individuals.
  • Provide feedback about your job search.
  • Work with you on if or how to discuss your disability.
  • Refer you to appropriate open positions or specific employers.

Question: What is a Job Network?

Many VABIR Employment Representatives facilitate meetings of a Job Network. The concept is one of support among the group members, with participants being committed to regular attendance and involvement. The group “runs” itself; members share their good and bad experiences and job knowledge, and you provide suggestions and help for each other.

Question: What will VABIR’s contacts with employers do for me?

Treat your VABIR Rep as an important representative of the business community. You should keep all appointments set with or by your Employment Rep. Be sure to prepare for your meetings with your VABIR Rep, doing any “homework” you and she or he agreed you would do before your next meeting. Attend the Job Network on a regular basis. Follow through on your action plans which you set with VABIR. Basically, work hard at finding work!

How do I arrange to partner with VABIR in my job search?

Call your local Employment Representative or call toll-free at 800-639-2909.

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