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Springfield High School Career Pathways Fair with guest Bernie Sanders

On Friday January 26th Business Account Managers Amanda Moore and Cindy Delgatto joined VocRehab Counselor Kate Tudoreanu and DOL Career Resource Center Regional Manager Suzie Wagner in welcoming Senator Bernie Sanders to the Springfield High School Career Pathways Fair. Senator Sanders was met with cheers from students and faculty members as he stepped to the podium to begin the event. The event was one of many Senator Sanders is holding with high-schoolers throughout the state, Sanders’ spokesperson Dan McLean said. The purpose is to help students become more aware of their options. “We live in a competitive global economy,” Senator Sanders told the crowd that filled the auditorium, “Most of the new jobs being created require higher education or post-secondary education.”
Bernie and his team enthusiastically welcomed conversation about the great collaborative efforts our teams are doing in supporting individuals of all ages in their career pathways. Not pictured but in attendance was VocRehab Transition Counselor Matt Hudson, VABIR Youth Employment Specialist Tiffany Reilly, VABIR Employment Consultant Jennifer Parker Williams and VABIR Employment Consultant Kristen Kayser.

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