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Temp to Hire Program

Temp to Hire

A public/private partnership developed to meet the staffing needs of today’s businesses

How it Works:

More and more employers are finding it difficult to find good employees. Through our new “Temp to Hire” program you will have the opportunity to assess and train potential candidates while at the same time reducing payroll costs during the training period.

The “Temp to Hire” program is the result of a unique collaboration between the Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, VABIR and Triad Temporary Services. Each “Temp to Hire” is a six-week opportunity for employers and job seekers to work together toward a successful job match. In return for reduced payroll expenses the employer agrees to provide training and support to the incoming worker. During the assessment period the employer pays only the hourly wage (see Payment).


After meeting with you to assess your staffing needs, we will refer pre-screened candidates to you for interviewing. Once a match is identified, the “Temp to Hire” begins. Remember…you make the final decision based on your company’s needs.


You now have a six-week period to assess the progress of the candidate. Our Employment Representatives are there every step of the way to follow the progress of your new worker and to help make it a successful match.


Each week you will submit a time sheet to the staffing agency listing the number of hours worked by the employee. Remember, you pay only the straight hourly rate! During the 6 weeks you DO NOT pay:

  • FICA
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • State taxes
  • Federal taxes
  • Employee benefits such as health, dental etc.

    Staffing agency fees:
    Because the “Temp to Hire” participant is an employee of the staffing agency during the trial period, you don’t pay these additional payroll expenses. This can represent considerable savings to your company.The “Hire”:

    At the completion of the six-week training and assessment period, the employer adds the worker to the regular payroll.

    Additional Benefits:

    Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    All employers using the “Temp to Hire” program are eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) once they hire a participant on a permanent basis. This tax credit can be more than $2,000 in the first year!

    Professional Support

    Our placement specialists can help you assess staffing needs, determine training requirements and provide post-placement support to both you and your employee. We work hard to make sure you have the best information and resources available.

    The Partners:

    Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    The Mission of Vermont Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is to enable Vermonters with disabilities to be employed and to live successfully in their communities.

    Triad Temporary Services
    Triad Temporary Services, Inc. is our staffing partner in northern Vermont.

    The Vermont Association of Business, Industry and Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the employment of people with disabilities. Working closely with the business community for over 20 years, VABIR prides itself on making solid job matches statewide.


    For more information, contact your local VABIR Employment Representative or call us toll free at (800) 639-2909

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